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Simply be the qualities you seek in others

by | Dec 27, 2020 | Articles, Behaviours

Simply be the qualities you seek in others.

Possibly, someone is bored with your company or bothered by your behavior and doesn’t feel like meeting you often. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the other person isn’t interested in you anymore or doesn’t like you.

I know how that sounds, how outrageously honest! But… you also feel that way about some people, don’t you?

When, of course, you are on the receiving end of this apparent avoidance, you get angry. People tend to believe it’s always the other person’s fault.

Which qualities make you boring?

So, perhaps you should stop and think, why this is happening.
Is it possible that you’re actually boring?

Could it be that you don’t:

  • …keep up to date with what’s happening in the world, society, public affairs, science, arts?
  • …ever read, don’t know anything about anything?
  • …have any hobbies and interests?
  • …evolve over time?

Or could it be that you:

  • …constantly talk about yourself? or even worse
  • …gossip and judge all the time? or
  • …are constantly nagging, aloof or bad-tempered?

All of this can make you incredibly boring. Even annoying…

Which qualities make you annoying?

Another possibility is that you don’t respect the wishes of others, their peculiarities, habits and choices. And at the same time you may demand that others respect your wishes, habits and choices and even admire your peculiarities.

You may also be constantly trying to impose your absolutely questionable opinions on others. And at the same time never listen at all to others’ opinions.

You may also:

  • smell bad,
  • have a negative energy,
  • use bad language,
  • have disgusting habits,
  • create tension.

And so on… You know perfectly well, what makes someone undesirable!


Simply be the qualities you seek in others. Become like those you are happy to meet.

Or accept that you will often fall victim to your own bad Self. The Self that everyone -as if they previously agreed- avoids.

And so would you…



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