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Neuroplasticity and our Vision

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Articles, Health, Science

An experimental treatment for lazy eyes required living with a total stranger, in complete darkness, for ten days.

What is Neuroplasticity?


Neuroplasticity can be thought as the subtle but orchestrated dance between the brain and the environment. It is the ability of the brain to be shaped by experience and, in turn, for this newly rewired brain to facilitate the embracing of new experiences.

It is considered that the brain is plastic and neural networks are initially shaped by experience during the sensitive period and subsequently stabilized during normal development. However, there is growing evidence that visual plasticity occurs not only during childhood, as traditionally considered, but also during all stages of life in response to changes in sensory experience.


Is vision therapy effective for adults?


Vision therapy is often just as effective for adults as it is for children.

Adults can succeed with vision therapy as well as children, due to neuro-plasticity. Neuroplasticity enables your brain to remain dynamic and flexible throughout your life.

Additionally, adults are usually highly motivated to improve their visual skills— this gives them the energy to push through any difficult obstacles. Visual function training used in vision therapy can be compared to learning a trade or playing an instrument— the more you practice or train, the stronger and more skillful you will become.


What is vision therapy?


Vision therapy is a remarkably effective program that improves vision skills to achieve clearer and more comfortable vision.

Through a series of progressive therapeutic eye exercises, patients develop normal visual skills. Enhancement of the visual skills is achieved by improving the communication between your brain and your eyes.

Vision therapy can be best understood as a training gym for the brain!


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