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Positive Thinking & Personal Growth

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Articles, Personal Growth, Positive Thinking

The Positive Thinking & Personal Growth Movement has intentionally & successfully turned into fashion, in order to further hypnotize the already hypnotized society.

I’ve read several articles claiming that the modern ‘propaganda’ of Positive Thinking and Personal Growth, in fact, makes people self-centered. And that it disintegrates the social fabric and hypnotizes us, so that we unreservedly accept the imposition of political and economic conditions, that benefit governments and multinational corporations.


Is it so?

These claims are not groundless, because all currents have always been appropriated by the dominant politics of the era and distorted in their favor. The same thing is happening now. The Positive Thinking & Personal Growth Movement has intentionally & successfully turned into fashion, in order to further hypnotize the already hypnotized society. But this doesn’t mean that its theories and practices had this purpose from the beginning or that they bring about this result.

The people who actually think in a positive way are anything but “idiots”. “Idiots” means “private individuals” in ancient Greek, people who don’t show an interest in public affairs. On the contrary, these people are very sensitive and mobilized at all levels of social life and the environment. They volunteer in all areas, create small islands of humanity and solidarity, communities full of diverse interests and useful activities.


What does really hypnotize you?

Engaging in self-improvement does not lead to alienation and social numbness. It “wakes you up” inwards and outwards at the same time. On the contrary, what really hypnotizes and leads you to a nightmarish reality is:

  • The constant obsession with temporary news that promotes fear and the collapse of trust in human race.
  • The constant blaming of others, of the outer circumstances, of society, of fate.
  • The feeling of complete lack of control over your own life.

Even if you don’t have complete control, when you believe that you can manage your personal life, if nothing else, that should help you try and fight. While the opposite mindset will probably make you feel useless, helpless, give up and leave you nagging and regretting.

Taking your life into your own hands, trying to improve yourself and your immediate environment, makes you stronger day by day. It fills you with confidence and then you can also fight for the society as a whole.


Ask yourself!

And if you do not believe me, just ask yourself honestly:

Which people do you admire, which ones would you like to look like, which ones are you a little jealous of?

Those who give you a heartfelt “unnecessary” smile on the street going to whatever work they do? Or those who constantly curse their bad lack and the “evil of the world” from their couch and swear at whatever work they do?

And who, do you think, will do better in the end?

And with whom, as majority, will the whole society do better?


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